Early Applicants Laying Claim To The $10K HP Wars Drag Shootout

Does $10,000 cash and the opportunity to WIN your racecar sound enticing? Then don’t delay getting your application in for the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout!

Since revealing the rules for the Drag Shootout and opening applications, we’ve been flooded with interested parties from across the nation who want to take part in this unique, head-to-head build-off and drag race competition that will be watched by millions. Who are some of the possible contenders you might face if chosen for the show?

John Kramer, – Taylor, Michigan

Michigan racer John Kramer, with more than two decades of racing and fabricating on his resume, has appeared on PINKS, Passtime, and Street Outlaws, and says this competition was made for him, and he’s laying his claim to the 10-grand.

“I build all my own stuff, engines, cages, paint, suspension. There is not one thing on a racecar I can’t do,” says Kramer. “I have learned these skills because I was poor and had to if I wanted to race. I do more with less. I didn’t have the opportunity to just pay somebody to do it for me. I had to learn it through trial and error and right now I believe I am one of the best in the world at this exact thing. I can tune carburetors or fuel injected, nitrous or turbo, it doesn’t matter I can do anything to make the car perform at its best.”

Adkins Performance – Shelby, Ohio

Twenty-six-year old Ohio native Ben Adkins is among those who have something to say about it, though.

“I feel myself and my team would be able to complete the challenge and win. We have the experience that is needed, the skill and the mindset that it takes to complete a challenge like this. We are used to working and building on a budget, where most people have unlimited budgets or sponsors to get what they want, not necessarily what they need,” Adkins says.

Adkins built his own racecar throughout high school and college and later worked for Jim Head’s NHRA Funny Car team. Adkins has been successful at racing in his own right, completing Drag Week and building a host of raccars, including a ’79 Malibu bracket car, a ’73 Nova bracket car, a ’74 GTO street and bracket car, a dragster, and several drag bikes.

West Bend Dyno Tuning – West Bend, Wisconsin

Another challenger is the team from West Bend Dyno tuning in Wisconsin, led by team leader Brad Riekoff and with driver Brian Jankuski. Riekoff has more than 30 years of competitive drag racing under his belt, and his team is comprised of drag racers, fabricators, engineers, master technicians, and EFI calibrators.

“This is what we do for a living is make cars fast … whether it’s a street car, drag car or road race car,” says Riekoff.

Dow Brothers Racecars/Team Boddie – Los Banos, California

California’s Russ Wullenwaber has added some star-power to his team, in the form of iconic grudge racer Jay Boddie. Wullenwaber, a diesel performance shop owner, fabricator, and engine builder, has assembled a top-notch team much the same way he’s built some killer racing machinery: his famous triple-turbo Diesel Nova as well as a small-tire big-block nitrous ’70 Nova.

Says Wullenwaber, “our group of racers and competitor’s live together at the race track as a family, we flow together in tight time crunches when minutes count and can cost you the race. It’s not uncommon for us to be racing a $40,000 or larger single event where patience, adrenaline, lack of sleep, frustration, and off-the-wall ideas are far too common. I know we have what it takes to perform under pressure and succeed.”

Think you’ve got what it takes to deny these highly-experienced teams of the $10K prize and your car  live in front of millions while they head home empty-handed with their tail between their legs? There can only be one winner, and you can’t win if you don’t enter!

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