Dennis Pittsenbarger Officially Tapped To Host Horsepower Wars

“It’s your main man Dennis here…” get used to hearing that a lot more as Dennis Pittsenbarger has officially been tapped to host Horsepower Wars, along with our very own Brian Petty. The duo will cover every Horsepower Wars challenge from the $10K Shootout to Pony Wars, and everything else in between. You may recognize Dennis from his work with not only Power Automedia, but Discovery Channel and Velocity as well.

Dennis is a veteran of the industry and brings well over 20 years of experience, and most importantly personality, to Horsepower Wars. Not only will he host the ground-breaking online show, he’ll also be taking you behind the scenes on all the action with in-depth social media coverage and sneak-peek looks of how it all went down.

“I could not be more excited to be a part of something as I am to be a part of Horsepower Wars,” said Pittsenbarger. “It’s a chance to see real people with real cars put their skills and rides to the test– just pure, real competition. Without a doubt, this will set the internet on fire and I am proud and privileged to be the guy in the center ring with the top hat helping bring the viewer along for one hell of a ride.”

Tune in March 1 at to join us as Horsepower Wars kicks off with Pony Wars. And for all of you waiting for the $10K Shootout, those episodes will start airing in just a couple of months. It’s not too late to submit an application to take part in all of the debauchery, so head over to the site and submit your official application. And, as always, may the horsepower be with you.

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Chase Christensen

Chase Christensen hails from Salt Lake City, and grew up around high-performance GM vehicles. He took possession of his very first F-body— an ’86 Trans Am— at the age of 13 and has been wrenching ever since.
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