Announcing the $10K Drag Shootout "Dream Team" - Applications Open!

Announcing the $10K Drag Shootout “Dream Team” – Applications Open!

Today we reveal the final team in the $10K Drags, it could be YOU!

The Dream Team presented by COMP will feature the best of the best drivers, engine builders, and mechanics

The $10K Drag Shootout Final 10: "Big Daddy" And Team Dirty Jersey

The $10K Drag Shootout Final 10: “Big Daddy” And Team Dirty Jersey

We're presenting the 10 finalists for the Horsepower Wars $10K Shootout, with a new team released each day

Drag radial legend "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge and his Dirty Jersey team have confidence and loads of talen

The $10K Drag Shootout Final 10: Eric Yost And Team Bigun

The $10K Drag Shootout Final 10: Eric Yost And Team Bigun

We're unveiling our newest entrant to the final 10 for the Horsepower Wars $10K Shootout

Today's team includes noted driver Lyle Barnett and team leader and past Drag Week champ Eric Yost

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